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Use the power of artificial intelligence to create text for your website. Save time and effort by generating high-quality content for your website, online store, or blog. Artificial intelligence will generate detailed and unique descriptions in just a few seconds.

aligata AI content generator

Use Chat GPT and create unique content for your website

Generate texts for your website. In the blink of an eye. Without the need to hire a copywriter.

AI Content Generator for Website Creators

Discover the automatic text generation that will save you time and enhance your work efficiency. We help website creators in expanding and improving content to make it better suited for site visitors.

Time Savings

The AI Content Generator will help you save a lot of time by eliminating the tedious work of content creation. You can quickly generate unique product descriptions, article outlines, FAQ ideas, expand texts, generate meta tags for pages, and much more.

Free Access

Enjoy free access to our AI Text Generator. Generate texts, product descriptions, frequently asked questions, all without any costs. Start creating content right now!

Built-in Tools

You can tailor the generated content to your specific needs. You no longer need to construct complex queries for Artificial Intelligence – everything is ready for use!

English Text Generator

Create texts in English or Polish language! The AI Text Generator, like the Website Builder and small online store creators, was specifically designed for website creators and entrepreneurs.

Content Uniqueness

The AI Content Generator creates unique content that is not duplicated from other sources. You can be sure that you will receive original texts that will make your website stand out. You don't have to worry about running out of ideas. Every time you click "Generate," AI will provide you with fresh ideas.

Technical Support and Updates

We respond quickly to questions and provide assistance (if needed) at every stage of website creation, using the Website Builder or AI Content Generator.

AI Text Generator Features

The text generator makes content creation for your website easy and efficient. With built-in tools, you don't have to formulate queries to artificial intelligence (AI) on your own. You receive answers in your chosen language, either by default in Polish or in English.

Product Description Generator

Product Description Generator

Create attractive and informative product descriptions that convince customers to make a purchase, increasing their engagement and conversions.

Article Introduction Generator

Article Introduction Generator

Artificial intelligence will generate engaging and captivating article introductions that will draw in readers and encourage them to continue reading.

Slogan Header Generator

Website Header Generator

Craft original and attention-grabbing headers and catchy CTA slogans that will capture the attention of visitors and prompt them to take action.

Keywords Generator

Keywords Generator

Generate diverse keyword phrases related to a specific topic, aiding in content optimization and attracting relevant traffic to your website.

Category Description Generator

Category Description Generator

Generate category descriptions for your store, helping customers better understand your offerings and improving the category page's search results position.

Blog Article Outline Generator

Blog Article Outline Generator

Create a list of the most important points to expand upon in your article, simplifying the writing process and content organization.

Meta Tag Generator

Meta Tag Generator

Create effective meta tags for your website to enhance its visibility and ranking in search results, attracting a larger number of visitors.

YouTube Video Description Generator

YouTube Video Description Generator

Create engaging YouTube video descriptions. Encourage viewers and enhance visibility on the YouTube search results.

Pros and Cons Finder

Pros and Cons Finder

AI will analyze the pros and cons of any topic, allowing you to present readers with a complete picture and assist in making informed decisions.

Blog Article Ideas Generator

Blog Article Ideas Generator

Generate attention-grabbing and intriguing titles for your articles that will entice clicks.

Generate text automatically, quickly, and intelligently.

Boost your productivity with our intelligent content generator for websites. The creator is based on the artificial intelligence of Chat GPT. Create text, enhance paragraphs, improve style and grammar, and expand your website! Discover new content generation possibilities and achieve better results in website positioning!

How does the AI Content Generator work?

The AI Content Generator operates based on advanced machine learning algorithms that analyze vast amounts of text data. Using this data, the generator can create unique and coherent content suitable for websites.

Are the generated texts SEO-friendly?

Google, Bing, and other search engines prioritize quality and user-friendliness. If the generated text is valuable, original, and appropriately optimized for SEO, there is no reason not to publish it on websites. Google's official stance is that it doesn't matter whether the text is written by a human or artificial intelligence (AI); what matters is that it is valuable and unique. We always recommend manually editing and verifying generated content to ensure its value.

How can the AI Content Generator help in content creation for a website?

The AI Content Generator can help create content such as Meta Tags for the website, category descriptions for online stores, category lists, product descriptions, FAQs with answers, expand text, improve it to avoid duplication, and summarize written content. Additionally, it can generate blog post ideas, article outlines, and many other types of content.

What are the benefits of using the AI Content Generator?

The benefits of using the AI Content Generator include saving time and effort in creating unique content. The generator can also assist in generating a larger volume of content in a shorter time, which can be particularly useful for running a blog or website.

Are AI-generated contents of high quality and do they appear natural?

Yes, AI-generated content can be of high quality and appear natural. However, it's advisable to have the content edited and reviewed by a human to correct any potential errors.

How can I customize AI-generated content to meet my needs?

Use our built-in tools to obtain the content you require. You can specify topics, keywords, text length, and the level of creativity you desire. If you need specific functionality that is not available, please feel free to reach out to us.

Can the AI Content Generator replace the work of a copywriter?

The AI Content Generator can complement the work of a copywriter but may not necessarily replace it. Copywriters possess creativity, industry knowledge, and the ability to craft unique content that resonates with readers. The AI Content Generator can be a valuable tool in the content creation process, but the final editing and customization of content for business purposes should still be done by humans.

Can the generator help with content optimization for SEO?

Yes, it can generate texts containing relevant keywords and phrases that are important for search engines. As a result, the generated content may be more visible and better positioned in search results.

Which artificial intelligence does the generator use?

Currently, we use OpenAI's ChatGPT artificial intelligence. It is one of the best and most advanced chatbots available in the market. With its ability to generate natural text and extensive knowledge base, it is an excellent tool for solving user problems.

How much does it cost to use the AI Content Generator?

Currently, using the Aligata AI Generator is free!

How to use the AI Content Generator?


Register an account at Aligata
Open the "AI Content Generator" tab.
Choose the generator function you want to use.
Create text for your website!

Currently, the AI Content Generator is free to use!


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