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Build a website in Google AMP format yourself. It's easy! The AMP website builder allows you to create an AMP page in just a few moments.

What are AMP pages?

AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages is a Google project created in collaboration with Twitter, aimed at improving the speed and usability of mobile pages. These pages are built using the AMP HTML framework, which is lighter and faster than traditional HTML. Furthermore, AMP pages are stored in Google cache, allowing them to load instantly.

„AMP is a simple and robust format that provides your site with speed, user orientation and monetization. AMP ensures the long-term success of your web strategy thanks to distribution on popular platforms and reduction of operational and development costs” – Google.

You can learn more about AMP on the project page or on Google developers page.

Advantages of AMP pages

Better Visibility in Search Engines

The speed of a page affects its ranking in search results. Google promotes accelerated AMP pages because they are fast. Additionally, they have a lightning badge in mobile search results.

Better User Experience

AMP pages are built with the user in mind - they are functional, easy to navigate, intuitive, load quickly, and look great on smartphones, providing a better user experience.

Better Statistics

AMP pages have higher conversion rates, lower bounce rates, more returning visitors, and longer time spent on the site. Improved statistics have a positive impact on search result rankings.

Lower Technology Costs

With Aligata, you only need to build one version of your site, which is AMP and works on both smartphones and desktops. Additionally, it uses less bandwidth and server power than traditional sites.

Why should you have an accelerated AMP website?

AMP websites load faster and look better than standard HTML pages on mobile devices.

Currently, half of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices. However, users don't like waiting for pages to load. Google's statistics are unforgiving:

  • Over 50% of users leave mobile pages that take more than 3 seconds to load.
  • 80% of users who leave slow pages never return to them.
  • Over 70% of mobile pages take more than 10 seconds to load.
  • 46% of users find waiting for a page to load to be the most annoying aspect of using the mobile internet.
  • 1 in 2 users expect the page to load in less than 2 seconds.

Therefore, to make it easier and more pleasant for users to browse your website and keep their interest, it's worth ensuring the site loads quickly.

How to check the speed of a mobile page?

Do you already have a website?

Test your website with Google tools such as Mobile Friendly Test and PageSpeed Insights.

The first test will show you whether your site is mobile-friendly at all, and the second test will determine its speed and areas in which you can improve.

Don't have a website yet?

Since May 2019, Google has used Mobile-first indexing for all new domains. This means that the mobile version is used to index and rank new websites!

Before choosing a builder, test any page built with it using mobile testing tools such as Mobile Friendly Test and PageSpeed Insights for mobile devices. It is not worth using a builder if it creates poor quality, slow and inefficient pages, especially mobile pages.

Does AMP affect SEO?

Yes, positively. Although the AMP website framework itself is not an indicator that affects ranking, the SPEED of loading the page is taken into account in the Google mobile search results ranking (the so-called Speed update from June 2018). AMP pages are built with SEO-friendly components such as AMP HTML, AMP JS, and AMP Cache. They are very fast and have a positive impact on SEO.

AMP analytics

Examples and website statistics provided by the Google AMP Project clearly indicate that implementing the AMP format helps achieve better website statistics, including bounce rate, time spent on the page, number of page views during the session, and CTR. The following statistics were collected from available sources, such as the Blog, Search Engine Watch service, Google Webmasters Blog, Moz service, and YouTube channel.

2x longer visits

Users spend twice as much time on AMP websites compared to previous versions of the website without AMP.

20% increase in CTR

AMP pages record both an increase in CTR from search results and an increase in CTR in shopping on pages.

4x faster pages

AMP pages are on average four times faster than their previous versions without AMP. For example, instead of eight seconds, they load in two seconds.

40% decrease in bounce rate

AMP sites see a decrease in bounce rate by an average of 40%. Users do not leave pages that show content instantly.

10x less data transfer

On average, AMP websites use ten times less data transfer than versions without AMP, which significantly reduces their maintenance costs.

90% satisfied owners

90% of AMP website owners noticed an increase in CTR in mobile search results, longer sessions, and lower bounce rates after implementing AMP.

How to build an AMP website?

Most websites that have accelerated mobile pages have built them as separate pages intended only for mobile users, while remaining on traditional HTML websites for laptops and desktops. This can be complicated and technologically expensive because the site has two versions, which are built differently, have separate URLs that need to be updated separately and require maintenance.

In addition, Google does not recommend such a solution, but rather encourages building one flexible page, a so-called responsive page (RWD), which has the same content, elements, and functions on both phones and desktops. Aligata is an AMP pages builder that allows you to easily create such websites: 100% AMP, 100% responsive (RWD), fast, simple, and looking good on any device.

AMP pages for all screens

In Aligata AMP Builder, you only build ONE version of the website, which is adapted to all screens (i.e., responsive) and at the same time is an accelerated mobile site (AMP). Thanks to its simple, legible, and modern construction, your pages have the same content and the same functions on your phone, computer, or tablet. More importantly, a website built in Aligata has excellent quality parameters, which is rare for pages built using other website builders available on the market.

For example, this page is built in Aligata. The AMP Website Builder is the perfect solution for people who wish to create a simple, fast, modern website that is user-friendly, easy to edit, and publish for themselves or their business.

Get more traffic and visitors with AMP pages. Responsive AMP pages can help you achieve your website goals.


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