Your own internet domain

Create your own website and connect a domain. Start building your website for free. Is it more or less ready? Ensure your online presence by choosing a domain name and register it quickly and easily. Connect the website to your domain anytime and show it to the world!

Easy domain management

You can manage your website and domain in one place. Your newly registered domain is immediately ready to work with your website created in Aligata.

Free SSL certificate

Every website built in Aligata comes with a guaranteed SSL security certificate (HTTPS). You can activate the SSL certificate for your domain with just one click.

Cheap domains

Aligata offers attractive prices for registering new domains and low costs for maintaining the domain in the following years.

Domain redirect

If you already have your own domain registered with another registrar, you can easily connect it to your Aligata website in a few simple steps.

Price list of internet domains

If you don't have your own domain, you can order it at an attractive price. You can connect your ordered domain with a paid plan website. After connecting your domain, your website will be displayed under its address. Below is a sample pricing list for registering a new internet domain.

New domain registrationFirst yearNext year
Domain with .COM extension17€26€
Domain with .EU extension14€26€

*Sample price list as of 03/01/2023. All prices are gross. Current prices are available after logging in and searching for a specific domain name. Prices depend on the domain extension and current promotions.

Do you have your own domain?

Do you have your own domain registered with another registrar? Great! In the BASIC or PRO plan, you can connect it to the website you are building. SSL certificate activation for your domain is included in the plan's price.

Free SSL Certificate

We provide a free SSL certificate for every domain connected to your website. The domain can be registered with us or with another operator. You don't need to buy a separate SSL certificate.


The SSL certificate is essential for your domain. If you don't have SSL for your domain, most browsers will display a message that your site is not secure. Without it, your site will not achieve high rankings in search engines, and you will not be able to run an online store with online payments.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a user-friendly name under which your website is located, for example A domain consists of a main name and an extension. The domain name along with its extension is unique. When you enter a domain name in the browser's address bar, your website will be displayed.

How much does domain registration cost?

The cost of registering a domain depends on its extension, i.e., the extension. See the price list in the table above.

Do I need a domain name?

Your website created in Aligata website builder is available at a subdomain, for example You can use it for as long as you need it. If you want to display your website under your own domain name, you can register and connect it or (if you already have a domain) just connect it. A personal domain name looks professional as it is a unique internet address that also serves as the name of the website.

How much does it cost to connect a domain to a website?

You can connect a domain to a website that has a BASIC, PRO, or E-COMMERCE plan purchased. Just connecting the domain is free and included in the plan price.

For how long do I register a domain?

You register a domain for a period of 1 year. We will notify you of the possibility and necessity of renewing it for another year as its expiration date approaches.

Can I connect my own domain?

If you already have your own domain registered with another operator, you do not need to buy a new domain. In the BASIC, PRO, or E-COMMERCE plan, you can connect it to your website being built in a few minutes.

How much does an SSL certificate cost?

An SSL certificate usually costs from 20 to 222€ per year depending on the type of certificate. Most often it is about 33€ per year. At Aligata, we connect and activate the SSL certificate for the domain for free.

How long does it take to register and connect a new domain?

Very quickly. After purchasing a domain, its registration and activation occur immediately. In reality, within a few minutes, your website will be operating under your own domain with an active SSL certificate.

Can I cancel a domain?

After paying for the domain for a year, you cannot return it. To cancel the domain, simply do not pay for it in the following year, and the domain will then return to the market for sale.

Order a new domain or connect your own domain to the website!


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